2019 - The year of Growth

Wow! I cannot believe how far my business has taken me. I know I've said it a million times, but it's all thanks to my amazing supporters! 2019 was a big year. "With success comes growth." Well I've grown so much, it was time for a new and improved logo.

Introducing- S.O. Photo + Film. The newest logo features the same Iris as before and at last I have fixed the "S.O." to be grammatically correct. It now also includes the word "film" (videography). I hope you all like it! It doesn't shift too much from my original logo(s), so it should still be easily recognized :)

Believe me when I say I spent countless hours coming up with this. There is a LOT of time and detail put into this logo. A big THANKS to my amazing friend, Alex. She let me blow up her phone anytime there was a change in the logo and gave me her feedback.