Adapt, overcome, move on.

This year has been full of obstacle after obstacle for my family and I. This year has not been a year of living, but a year of surviving. I've barely had time to breathe and no time to do things with my family and friends.

The not-so-great obstacles have included:

  • Broken bones, sprained ankles, and concussions.
  • Taking turns with COVID.
  • Losing my Grandfather in August 2022.
  • Child Custody battle while self-representing.
  • Repairing our duplex and finding a good new tenant.
  • My husband working 2 jobs and 7 days a week.
  • Memory Card fails.

The growing and positive obstacles have included:

  • Our first family vacation in January.
  • My husband getting further in his career.
  • Flying to Utah and my husband driving back through Canada.
  • Getting new tenants.
  • My kids excelling in Karate, Football, Dance, Gymnastics, and Rock Climbing.
  • Finally getting my Dad's motorcycle from Idaho to Alaska after 1.5 years of trying.
  • Finally being able to process and move on after losing my Grandpa in January 2021 and Father in April 2021.

I have dropped the ball with some of my clients, yes. I know it, I own up to it, and I do/did my best to make it right. Less than 5 galleries were delivered later than the expected delivery date. 1 USB was mailed late. Client's were given free sessions, extra images, entire galleries, extra session time, more album pages, or whatever it was that they wanted to make it right. I've grown a serious appreciation for the people I get to work with. To the one's who have remained patient and understanding, you know who you are, Thank You.

What's the point of this blog? To let you know I get it. I understand. I am human. We are all human. No one is perfect. This year I have grown as an artist, mother, wife, and friend. I've taken it one day at a time and did my best every day. To let you know that this isn't the normal for me. I've just been going through some hard times. I can't get to the rainbow until I go through the storm. 2021 and 2022 were my storms, so let 2023 be my rainbow.