I'm the type of photographer who is understanding, compassionate, and fun to be around.

I'm the type of photographer that is spontaneous, random, and will 99% of the time get into water if it's around.

I'm also a mom, can be running late, am sometimes forgetful, or may not get a shower every day.

I am not the greatest at replying to messages or emails (that's why I literally have a day dedicated to just that!).

I'm the type who understands if your kids won't hold still or are shy. I totally respect bribery during photo sessions.

If I am sick, I respect you and your family and will do what I feel is right- I will not risk sharing my germs with any of you.

I'm easy-going. I get that life happens.

You guys, we're all human- we may not have our stuff together or we may be having a fabulous day where everything goes right! I get it. I do. I'm a mom with 4 young children. I'm a wife with a husband who works his butt off for us. I'm a woman who only gets work done when my husband and kids are asleep. I do my best- day in and day out. I run on 3-4 hours sleep, lots of coffee, some swear words, and loud music. I don't remember to eat until like 4pm because I'm too busy doing a million other things. My calendar is how I keep track of what day it is and what my agenda is for the week. If I didn't plug it in to google calendar, I most-likely won't remember (thanks to my 4 kids scrambling my brain and the Hashimoto's disease I have). I established a weekly agenda for my business to stay on track. It's out there for everyone to see and read.

I can't apologize if you don't agree with how my business is ran or how much of a hott mess I may be at times. I am nowhere near perfect, but I am okay with that because nobody is perfect. One thing I've learned in this last year is that I can't make everyone happy. I've learned that I have to make sure there's a solid line between my business and my personal life. I have policies and terms in place for a reason. I am a business owner and I need to respect myself as such.