How I'm handling the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This is a strange time in the world for all of us. Nothing seems "normal" anymore, but rather a new kind of normal. Business's are not thriving and it's honestly hard to stay above water. I, personally, am considered a "high-risk" due to my blood type being A+ and I have an autoimmune disease. Does this stop me from getting creative and still capturing photos? No. So here's just a small insight on how I'm handling the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020.

For starters, I am a sad about having to reschedule so many sessions. It hurts, especially with an unknown for-sure reschedule date. I miss connecting with my clients and capturing their memories. I miss making people smile; people laugh; sharing a wonderful experience with them. But, I am staying optimistic. As all things do, this will eventually pass. I like to think of the phrase "adapt and overcome."

I'm still staying active with creativity, just at home. I have 4 cute little models, a camera-shy husband, and I am getting out of my comfort zone and taking self portraits. I am continuing my education by watching videos, learning new tricks, and just keeping myself busy. Revisiting previous sessions, stretching back from many years ago, is a lot of fun! I'm impressed how far I've come in my photography. I like to re-edit a few photos and look at the previous final image versus the new final image. It shows me my growth and makes me look forward to whatever will come next!

So how's my sanity otherwise? Well, in the last 6.5 weeks, I have only left my home maybe 4 times. I just needed a drive with loud music or quick trip to the store for a couple of items. I am taking the social distancing, state mandates, and hunker down orders very serious. My husband is "essential" and still works 40 hour weeks. So it's just me at home with the kids. I have 2 in elementary school, so I teach them every day in both Spanish and English. I have 1 in preschool and am super thankful for ABC mouse because he loves it! As for my daughter, the youngest of them all, we are working on her words. She doesn't pronounce things well yet, but she can count to 4, sometimes 5! She can also say A B C. We have daily schedules for the family and each individual kid also has their own (yes, I'm that type of mom). We're doing the best we can as a family unit to adapt.

It's safe to say I'm handling the Pandemic as well as I can. I mean yes, there's been quite a few bumps. No, I'm not adjusted to the new normal, but I don't think any of us are. I just hope that everyone else out there is hunker'd down safely with all the necessities (especially WIFI, food, and toilet paper). I cannot wait to get back to working outside with people again. I cannot wait until summer really hits and I can just be super adventurous with my family. This was originally the "year of travel" for me, but it looks like the travel won't be on a plane. Instead, we'll travel to places we haven't traveled yet. We'll go somewhere deep in the mountains and take a million candid family photos. This is now the year of "making the best of it."

Sending Healthy Vibes to each and every one of you!