Hello Spring.

I know it's been a bit since my last post. Life sure has kept me busy and distracted. Which right now, that's a good thing. Facebook and Snapchat keep reminding me of what I was going through last year. *sigh* So I'm keeping my mind busy and just truckin through it day by day! My summer calendar is almost 100% booked. I think this is the first year I've finally found a good balance between work and family life. I think I'm starting to settle from the last 2 years and finding myself again *knock on wood*.

Fun Fact about me: I am most definitely not afraid to get muddy, in the water, climb mountains, go on boats, fly in planes, etc. for photos. I live for moments like that! I started off the year working with Frozen Shots Photography at the Iron Dog and Iditarod. It was fun to break away from the norm and try out something knew. The owner, my girl Megan, is my 2nd shooter for weddings. I've been mentoring her on the business side of photography, editing, social media, and posing. She's been killin' it! #ProudMoment.

*Reading this post I realize how random it is... oops. lol. But hey, I'm a random person so *shrugs shoulders* Happy Hump Day!