As many of you know, I was headed to Hawaii at the end of January with my family. It was going to be our first time visiting there! My husband and I had been planning this for a year. There were a lot of times we weren't sure if it was going to happen (unforeseen friend/family emergencies), but at Christmas we got the green-light that it was for sure happening. Unfortunately, life decided to throw some obstacles our way. The week before we left, my oldest son ended up in the ER with a broken arm from wrestling. That was a huge setback, but we remained optimistic he'd still have a good time. If anything, he'd have a silly tan line. I'm pretty sure that's where things went south (in the ER), because a few days later I tested positive for COVID. No one else in my family had it, but me. I knew I had 2 options, I could be pouty and insist on rescheduling the trip, or I could remain optimistic and encourage the kids to have a fabulous time without me. My kids making memories and getting that experience is what's important to me. So I watched my family fly off to Hawaii on Jan. 25th. They're having an amazing time with their Dad and Grandparents. I have to abide by the Hawaii Safe Travels and am required to wait 10 days before I can join them. So, with my fingers crossed, I will get my exemption, be cleared for travel, and will be flying out on February 1st. Originally we were returning February 4th, but we extended our stay to February 9th so I can enjoy Hawaii a little bit too.

Life throws obstacles at us all the time. In the end, it's all about how you adapt and overcome it.