Memory Lane: July 28th, 2019 | Glacier Shoot

Today was absolutely incredible! I cannot believe how grateful I am that I got to do something I used to fear- riding in a helicopter. But first let's rewind...

The weather looked horrible this morning. It was raining and there wasn't any breaks in the sky. It was grey, gross, and cold. The same kind of weather I had experienced the day before... but I was hopeful! I knew that by mid-afternoon there was still a chance the sun would start to peek through and burn away the yuck. Sure enough, by 12pm, things were looking better already. It was getting brighter and I was ready for an amazing shoot.

My clients drove all the way from homer, the morning of, for this. Can I just say kudos?! That's 4+ hours of driving, for a 2 hours helicopter die, and then driving back. WOW. But they made it, right on time. These two, let me tell ya... these two are incredible. She used to be afraid of flying, can you believe it?! The woman who got in the helicopter used to also fear it, just like me! These two just recently celebrated their anniversary, wanted to do a not-so-normal style shoot, and found me :) They're both adventurous and live in the moment. And boy did we ever live in the moment today...

First we took off, from the DOCK of the MatSu Resort. WHAT?! Yes, the dock. Them we flew over Jim's creek and headed towards Colony Glacier. We landed, YES, on the glacier. There was water flowing, bright white and blue (some silt too). It was a little breezy, but nothing we couldn't handle. We played on the ice, captured some incredible photos, and flew to our next destination. I can't tell you where exactly we were, but it was a "secret" spot. There was literally a 360 view off multiple glaciers! I was astounded at the view.

In all honesty you guys, I could write a novel about this experience. To me, it wasn't a job or a gig. No, I didn't profit money from it.... but what I did get out of it was: 1) the experience 2) new friends 3) a desire to do it again!